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What is so cool about Bridge


The purpose of the Bridge Clues web site is to provide bridge puzzle type entertainment while giving clues for improving your bridge game. Two free hands on bidding and play are provided daily.

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Whats so COOL about Bridge?

Bridge is the most popular and exciting card game ever developed. It is played and enjoyed all over the world, because it is a game based primarily on skill and not luck. It is a mental game and has been shown to improve memory and concentration skills, as well as judgment and logic. Bridge is exciting, stimulating, challenging, sometimes frustrating; and above all, great fun. You can believe me on this.

If you take lessons or read books on the subject (or visit an amazingly cool web site), you will learn the strategies and the intricacies of the game, step by step. Initially, you may feel overwhelmed, but (again, trust me - have I ever lied to you?) keep at it and you will amaze yourself as your competence grows. Always logical, but not always intuitive; bridge is challenging even for experts. As your proficiency increases - and it will - you will experience a sense of great accomplishment that makes you feel good about yourself.

Bridge is a social game. You will meet wonderful people. (Along with maybe one or two not quite so wonderful.) People of all sizes, shapes, and backgrounds; people from all walks of life. Lifetime friendships are often built through bridge.

No matter their level of skill or age, serious students of the game never stop learning. Not only do bridge players enjoy playing locally, many like to travel to tournaments throughout the country. Bridge provides a social network wherever you go. It's like being in a world-wide club; wherever you travel you can find the opportunity to play the game.

There are over 50 million players worldwide
Over one million online bridge players worldwide
They must be on to something!

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All About BridgeClues

In 2002 Leonard Lidstrom followed his dream of creating a bridge site dedicated to teaching bridge in a question-answer format. Leonard asked Anne Lund to join the project in 2002 and then contacted Mike Lawrence. An agreement was reached that Mike would write 3000 articles assorted into bidding, play, and defense in the Bridge Clues question-answer format. Mike agreed and in 2003 Bridge Clues was ready to make its debut.

Bridge Clues inevitably receives 'suggestions' from readers. One suggestion that was implemented in 2005 was to create two levels of articles. Level One was limited to Standard American bidding and basic Blackwood. Level Two used a forcing 1NT and 1430 Key Card Blackwood. This revised format proved to be extremely popular.

Leonard passed away in 2016 having achieved his dream of providing a free teaching site for all levels of bridge enthusiasts. Anne now runs the site and Mike has remained in a supporting role. For the folks who want more than access to the four daily hands, a subscription to the previous four months of hands is available.

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Meet the Authors

Michael Lawrence

Mike Lawrence, the star author of most of the articles on Bridge Clues, has a bridge pedigree dating back to his time spent competing with the Dallas Aces against the world champion Italian team. Mike is a prolific author (over 25 books, including one on Scrabble and another on Backgammon) and numerous CDS on all aspects of bridge. Mike is well-travelled as a teacher and lecturer. He has taught in most states, over 20 countries, and often hosts small group classes in his home. One of his major accomplishments is working with Anne Lund to establish and expand Leonard Lidstrom's Bridge Clues site.

Mike has a web page at

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Anne Lund

Anne Lund, owner and manager of Bridge Clues, is also a contributing author to the Beginner series of lessons as well as author of many of the level one lessons. Anne has written several books which are available in PDF format.

Anne started playing bridge in the early 60's and has become an avid player. As Anne's understanding of the game increased, she started teaching and sharing her accumulated knowledge.

Bridge Clues has provided Anne the opportunity to reach the bridge community all over the globe. Bridge Clues is her passion and she is thrilled to share it with all who feel the same.

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